Natural Organic Skincare Malaysia Brands: 7 Malaysian Beauty Skincare Brands That Will Save The Environment

by Katricia Lum

The world as we know seems to be changing,

and not in a good way.

Many political distrusts, social issues are popping out but not only that the Earth seems to be getting tired of us human’s carelessness & lack of care towards the environment.

The majority of big brands we see in the market could care less about the harmful effects they’re costing the Earth. It’s capitalism, baby! And money is king.

Yes, especially beauty skincare brands.

Thankfully there are some advocates out here who know beauty doesn’t equal the earth’s destruction and has made it their goal to save the earth, one deodorant/lipstick/face mask/body wash at a time!

Here’s Woke’s list of 7 Natural, Organic Skincare Malaysia Beauty Brands.

1. Joi

Did you know most deodorants on the market contain super harmful ingredients to our skin? Ingredients such as aluminium, parabens & phthalates are plentiful in deodorants. They are also one of the causes of skin cancer, skin irritation & hormone disruption?

It’s a wonder we still apply these things (directly!) onto our skin but worry not as Joi specializes in deodorants that are 100% natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Made of 100% natural ingredients & are free from parabens & aluminium.

Their deodorants are mainly comprised of aloe vera juice & witch hazel toner mixed with a lil of essential oil, will certainly keep you smelling fresh & clean all day long.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Each of Joi’s deodorants costs RM39 & lasts for 3 months.
Organic Skincare Malaysia

As someone who deals with eczema, ordinary hand sanitizer irritates my skin causing it to be dry. So if you’re looking for a less harsh alternative, Joi has the hand sanitizer just for you!

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Enhanced with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, Joi Hand Sanitizer moisturizes as it sanitizes and leaves hands feeling soft

Tried their products & never ever want to run out of them again?

Joi has a subscription plan that allows you to be sent one of their deodorants (of your choice) so you’ll never have to go a day without Joi deodorant.

Shipping rate is RM6 throughout the whole Malaysia but free shipping is applicable with the purchase of 2 bottles or more.

Exchanges are NOT allowed due to hygiene reasons.

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2. Hello Natural Co.

Woke’s not done with the search for natural deodorants just yet! Here comes Hello Natural Co. also with their all natural deodorant balms free from alcohol & actually used by professional athletes, coaches & trainers!

Hello Natural Co. was started by Sonia whose sensitive skin made her go on a journey of discovering natural ingredient skincare which was something close to her heart, deodorant.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Happy Pits Deodorant Balm (RM49.90)

Hello Natural Co. deodorants are made of activated charcoal, coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda, organic shea butter, beeswax, vitamin E, lavender & peppermint oil.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Also a natural deodorant for Sensitive Skin (RM69.99)

If deodorants are boring you, don’t worry as Hello Natural Co. has loads of other products.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Luscious Hair Repairing Serum (RM35.99)
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Growth Booster Hair Tonic (RM89.99)
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Australian Pink Clay Mask (RM69.99)
Organic Skincare Malaysia
The Complete Skin Care Series Set (5 items)

Flat rate shipping is RM8 (WM) & RM10 (EM).

Refunds are only applicable to Hello Natural Co.’s deodorant balm range and for those who experience any allergy reaction with their deodorant balms.

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3. The Mineraw

The Mineraw’s motto is pretty simple:

Fewer ingredients, superior results describes the brand’s vision of all their products being natural and safely tested. Also egan and vegetarian, cruelty-free, and suitable for all genders + skin types!

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Some of The Mineraw’s bestsellers

The Mineraw’s founder Jidienne Ibanez is no stranger to the perils of overpriced market products filled with chemicals and packaged in plastic.

Not the type to sit down & take it, Jidienne started The Mineraw as a sustainable, natural and effective alternative to all mass-produced beauty brands out there.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Glow Serum Face Oil (RM100)
Made from Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil
As seen on British Vogue
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Bronze Babe Body Oil (RM95)
Made from Virgin Coconut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rose Geranium Oil, Mica Iron Oil, Zinc Oxide

Every Mineraw product is handcrafted in small batches to ensure it is perfected every time.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Makeup Remover (RM35/100ml)
Made from Rose Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Juice, Virgin Coconut Oil
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Purify Clay Face Mask (RM35)
Made from Bentonite Clay & Dead Sea Clay
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Beard Oil (RM50)
Can be used on hair too!

Shipping rates are RM10 (WM) & RM15 (EM). For orders over RM200, shipping is free.

The Mineraw does not accept returns or exchanges.

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Another fellow eczema-having Malaysian, Alissa Emalyn founded in 2019 after tiring of non-effective drugstores to high-end skincare brands to countless trips to the dermatologist which equated to nothing but bad breakouts.

During her hiatus of never again using any skincare products (we’ve all been there), Alissa realized all the products she used were full of chemicals and other unneeded ingredients.

Hence, was born.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
‘Lock & Stay’ Rice Serum (RM69.90)
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Made from Rice Bran, Grape Seed, Aloe Vera, Green Tea extracts, Ceramides, Pro-Vitamin B5 with a little bit of Sodium Hyaluronate
Organic Skincare Malaysia
The “Lock & Stay!” Rice Serum is made specially for sensitive and dry skin

Shipping is RM7.90 (WM) & RM12.50 (EM)

Returns & exchanges are applicable provided items are returned in their original, undamaged packaging. 

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5. Wunderbath

If you’ve ever made a trip to the lip balm section of your local beauty store, you’d know how boring the colour selection is.

It’s always either colourless, pink, nude or if a company’s really trying something exciting,

red! (Even then it’s never really pigmented)

How boring.

Evelyn Marieta, founder of Wunderbath faced the same dilemma and so she started formulating her own lip balms in vibrant colours.

Eventually she expanded her expertise to more comestics & bath products and thus Wunderbath was born.

We’re glad Evelyn started making soaps as they come in really cute forms, you’ll see!

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Kuih Muih Soap (RM20.90)
Kuih Lapis Soap (RM12.90)
Karipap Soap (RM12.90)
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Angku Kuih Soap (RM13.90)
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Musang King (Durian) Soap (RM29.90)

Each soap is handcrafted from plant based oils & essential oils. All Wunderbath soaps are SLS-free, paraben-free & suitable for sensitive skin.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
The Bun Bun Soap (RM20.90)

Of course not forgetting the product that started it all…

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Wunderlippie Stained Lip Balm (RM19.90)
Made from Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Pure Shea Butter, Rose Hip Seed Oil
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Wunderlippie All Natural + Vegan Lip Balm (RM18.90)

Wunderbath doesn’t just have lip balms & bath soaps though.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
The Joy Fairy Essential Oil Mist (RM36.90)
Made from 60% essential oils & 40% fragrances
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Fairy Godmother Body Butter (RM38.90)
Made from Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E
Organic Skincare Malaysia
BOINK Treatment Oil (RM34.90)
Made from Rose Geranium, Lavender, Rose Hip Oil, Jojoba Oil

Flat rate shipping is RM8 (WM) & RM12 (EM).

Free shipping for orders over RM150 (WM) & over RM200 (EM).

Returns are not accepted unless products are defected or incorrect.

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6. Chuck’s

One of the major reasons I hate wearing face masks (no, not the coronavirus kind) is how messy it can be.

You know how it goes, you remove your refrigerated beauty mask from the packet & all the essence starts dropping out.

Or worse, the masks never quite fits your face & all the extra material flaps around getting into your hair.

What a waste.

Thankfully founder of Chuck’s (also a major Malaysian fashion blogger), Jane Chuck solve this problem by creating her face masks out of 100% cupra sheet which absorbs the essences 10x better than your average cotton masks.

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Organic Skincare Malaysia

Reviewers have commented how Chuck’s face masks fits the contours of faces perfectly. No more extra material flapping around, getting essence into your hair!

Organic Skincare Malaysia
Chuck’s Self Love Honey Mask (RM68/5 pieces)
Made of 80% royal jelly extract
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Purifying Kale Mask (RM68/5 pieces)
Made of 79% kale extract & peppermint oil
Organic Skincare Malaysia
Glow On Brightening Peony Mask (RM68/5 pieces)
Made from 78% peony water

Chuck’s face masks can be purchased through Shopee.

Returns & exchanges are not accepted.

Website Instagram

7. Handmade Heroes

Originally from Singapore, Handmade Heroes graced our shores in November 2016 with their all natural, free of preservative and parabens, completely vegan and cruelty free skincare products.

We won’t say anymore & we’ll let the products of Handmade Heroes do the talking!

Handmade Heroes
Cocoa Friggin’ Lip Tint & Lip Balm
In Moroccan Mint Colourless (RM22.90)
English Rose Nude Pink (RM26.90)
French Rose Warm Red (RM26.90)
Handmade Heroes
Cocolicious Luscious Lip Scrub in Coconut Sorbet (RM32.90)
As featured on Buzzfeed & People Magazine
Handmade Heroes
Butt Kickin’ Deep Detoxing Coffee Scrub in Satsuma Orange (RM68.90)
Handmade Heroes
Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo (RM48.90/67g)
As featured on Buzzfeed & Buzzfeed Style

Thanks to their natural ingredients, Handmade Heroes are nourishing & gentle on the skin.

Handmade Heroes
Beauty Warrior Purifying Clay Face Mask (RM79.90)

Shipping is RM8 (WM) and RM17 (EM) via GDex.

Free shipping for overs RM100 (WM) & over RM150 (EM).

Returns & exchanges are not accepted due to hygienic reasons (Unless you receive an incorrect order).

Website Facebook Instagram

That concludes Woke’s 7 Natural Malaysian Beauty Skincare Brands.

Any skincare brands we missed out on? Do let us know us by commenting below!

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